Weaknesses of a woman in a relationship.

Every human being who has seized to have a healthy life has had weaknesses. By, weaknesses i do not mean health related issues, but those tiny mole hills or mountains for some of us women, on which we normally trip upon or find it necessary to take some Prozac for. So here is a list of nine out of bazillion weaknesses that a woman has when in a relationship. However, let it be known to all men reading this, that we women do not find this list as a matter of pride; rather it as a matter of angst for when you are not–so–understanding.
  1. Self–esteem is attracted to being beautiful and popular 

2. Completely emotional 

3. Disclosing information 

4. Forgiving 

5. Expectations and false hopes

6. Wanting the partner to be romantic most of the time 

7. Offering innocent ideas

8. If you are more successful than him

9. Giving up everything far too quickly.  

For more emphasis on any of the nine points listed above, drop your comments. 


4 thoughts on “Weaknesses of a woman in a relationship.

    • allwomentalklove says:

      Sure. Some men just have this divine power of throwing our self esteem down to making us want to look pretty at all time, so that when we go out for a social call, our beauty should be that subtle sign of victory for their friends or colleagues. And if she is a social butterfly, nothing like it. If she is known, he is in the loop of gaining the same popularity. This may not be true for all members of the other species, but for most, especially those who suffer from massive dosage of low self esteem themselves

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