10 Things Women Don’t Want Men To Know About Them.

As wonderful and as beautiful as women are, they are full of secrets. Women create illusions in society in order to give off an appearance of perfection. However, in reality women are flawed, just like men. Men and women are very different from one another. Women tend to be more complicated than men and although it drives men crazy, it is part of what they love about women. 

There is a continuous war between men and women that has been passed down from generation to generation. The two sexes need to come together as one and open up about them although that is an unlikely option, which is why i am writing this. This will give men insight into some of the things women just don’t want you to know, and by knowing them maybe they will help you understand the ladies a bit more. For all you women out there, don’t worry, i didn’t reveal all our secrets!

10. How much our things really cost

9. Heels do hurt

8. We fix things after you do them

7. We actually have hair other places than our heads

6. The amount of time we spend getting ready

5. That we tell our friends everything 

4. How much we have stalked you

3. We have secretly changed you 

Women do not do this to transform men, they do not touch their core, however, since women are somewhat shallow beings, they want their men to look as perfect as they do. 

2. We all think long term

1. We are afraid of losing you 

For more emphasis and questions, please comment below.


7 thoughts on “10 Things Women Don’t Want Men To Know About Them.

    • allwomentalklove says:

      Yep, girls tell their friends everything and i mean everything. From the moment a girl meets a guy, her bestirs will know the same information she knows about him. They show their friends conversations the two of them have had, show them pictures and tell them all your personal details, and i mean EVERYTHING. Men should understand that when you date a woman, you in a sense date her closest friends. She will tell them about your fights, problems and sex life and there is no use talking to your girlfriend about it because she will most probably deny it. Of her friends don’t like you, it could be problematic, so make sure you are always extra charming around them.


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