Signs your BFF is sleeping with your boyfriend 

Suspect your BFF of doing literally the worst thing a BFF could do, ever? I gathered some surefire signs that your BFF is sleeping with your boyfriend, and i seriously hope none of them ring true to you. Take a look! 

1. They have a lot of inside jokes than you have with either of them. 

2. They randomly pull disappearing acts and at the same time.

3. They show up to places with each other.

4. … And you didn’t even know they were together.

5. She always takes his side when you have arguments.

6. Your boyfriend constantly compares you to your BFF.

7. Your BFF always makes extra effort to get dressed up when he’s around.

8. Your BFF is your boyfriend’s biggest social media fan.

9. She likes and comments on everything he posts.

10. Your BFF suddenly stopped chatting with you about her love life.

11. And it used to be the only thing she talked about.

12. Now she has a secret man, and she’s not ready to tell you about him yet, because she doesn’t want to “jinx” it.

13. Your BFF relies on your boyfriend to do boyfriend duties, like changing the lightbulb in the ceiling light, helping to move, fix her car, or getting a ride.

14. Your boyfriend always knows what you’re up to and how your day was, because your BFF was texting him all day.

15. Your BFF touches your boyfriend the same way you do. 

For questions, please comment below.


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